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Description of SBL Lachesis :-

Causes & Symptoms for Lachesis Several nervous and circulatory diseases and disorders are indication for Lachesis. It helps in discharging extra body fluids in the form of sweat that mainly removes all the waste materials from our body. Throbbing sensations in the body. Chest pains and various other cardiac disorders. Excessive sensitiveness of the surface with intolerance of touch or constriction. Tremor of tongue is a leading feature , burning sensation and pains are a leading feature throughout this remedy. Left-sidedness, and the direction left to right is an indication for this remedy. Mind and Head It is used to relieve stress and tension,exalted powers, rapid succession of ideas, and again there is weak memory Jumps from one subject to another,irritable, irascible, peevish. Dislike and unfitness for any labor whatever, either mental or bodily. Headache better as soon as nasal catarrh comes on. Giddiness after resting, heaviness and pressure in head. Sensitiveness of scalp, falling off of the hair, cutting headache better from heat and after belching up wind. Eyes, ear, nose Smarting in eyeballs and dim vision for several days after headache. Swelling and inflammation of the eyelids or of the edges. Dark eyes and tendency to laziness and sadness. Dimness of vision, black flickering before the eyes. Pain in ears with sore throat. Swelling of parotids. Dryness of ears is relieved with Lachesis. Swelling, redness and excoriation of edges of nose, dry, chronic coryza, with stoppage of nose, or fluent coryza. Red, chronic pimples on nose. Mouth and Throat Small red veins in cheeks. Toothache with pains in head, shivering, heat and heaviness of the legs. Touching the throat in laryngeal affections causes suffocative spasms. Swelling and painful sensibility of the gums. Hot and cold drinks renew the pains indicates Lachesis. Stomach and abdomen Severe attacks of colic, worse by hot drinks. Sinking at the stomach, and cannot go long without food. Symptoms are better after eating, especially after fruit indicates Lachesis. Most prominent remedies in appendicitis. Stool and Anus Painful hemorrhoids. Painful constriction of anus, Burning in rectum Full feeling in rectum, and sensation as of little hammers beating. Urinary complaints Urine is almost black, frequent, foaming, dark. Flow of urine after evacuating and after urinating indicates Lachesis. Sensation of burning in urethra on making water. Pressure on bladder, with urgency to urinate. Male complaints Strong sexual desire without physical power, and with flaccidity of the penis indicates Lachesis. Pressure in testes, as if a hernia were going to protrude. Swelling of the parts, with itching and sexual desire. Female complaints Uterine pains better as soon as menses appear. nipples extremely sensitive to touch indicates Lachesis. Menses regular, painless, too free. Uterine hemorrhage, Intolerably itching tetters on and around nipples. Pains and throbbing in the head before menses. Extremities Swelled joints or parts of joints in the human body that cause pain during movement. Pain in the shin bones. Extremities of the fingers numbed and painful. Hard swelling from hand to elbow, with excessive pain indicates Lachesis. Flat ulcers on lower extremities, with blue or purple surroundings. Skin Ulcer sensitive to least touch indicates Lachesis. Generalities It also increases energy inside an individuals body and makes the person even more passionate towards his/her work. Worse after sleep whether by day or by night. Persons who cannot stand the sun and who are worse in summer weather.

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