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SBL Argentum Muriaticum

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Description of SBL Argentum Muriaticum :-

Causes & Symptoms for SBL Argentum Metallicum Argentum affects all the cartilages, and hence all joints and bones, with tearing and bruised pains, tenderness and weakness, painful, so-called "hysterical" joint, without swelling, pain in rib cartilages and especially the left. The muscular system is also affected with cramps in limbs, calves feel too short on going downstairs, stiffness, numbness, electric-like shocks in joints and limbs, painless twitchings. The heart is specially affected, frequent, spasmodic, though painless twitchings in whole heart muscle, worse lying on back. Sensation as if heart stood still followed by trembling, then irregular violent throbbing indicates Argentum Metallicum. Argentum Metallicum relieves Palpitation, at night, during pregnancy. Vertigo on looking at running water indicates Argentum Metallicum. Headache increasing gradually and ceasing suddenly, at acme as if a nerve being torn, usually left side. Extreme dryness of mouth, tongue sticks to palate indicates Argentum Metallicum. Metrorrhagia, large lumps with violent pains, worse by every motion relieves Argentum Metallicum. Argentum Metallicum acts more on the left side than the right, left ovary is affected. Argentum Metallicum is suited to thin patients with hollow eyes, pale skin, tendency to tubercle, caries, deep ulcers, imbecility. Tenderness is prominent in Argentum Metallicum. It is indicated in tearing pressure and pains in the bones. Parts feel bruised when pressed on. Hoarseness of singers and speakers, worse speaking or singing indicates Argentum Metallicum. Laughing causes cough. Symptoms worse in sleep, nausea in dreams, seminal emissions. Worse By touch, pressure, riding in carriage, lying on back, sitting, stooping. At noon, at night (profuse urine), Uncovering (chills before midnight), Entering warm room, Sun. Causation Onanism and Sunstroke. Mind Restlessness, which forces one to walk quickly. Ill-humor and aversion to talking. Head Dullness, and sensation of emptiness in the head. Confusion, as if caused by smoke, and sensation of intoxication, with tingling in the head. Pressing, tearing pain in the skull, principally in the temporal bones, renewed every day at noon, with soreness of the external head, aggravated by pressure and contact, ameliorated in the open air. Cramp-like pains and shootings in the head. Pain, as of excoriation in the scalp, on the slightest pressure. Pimples on the temples, with pain, as of ulceration. Eyes Itching in the eyes, and principally in the angles. Swelling and redness of the edge of the eyelids. Ears Shootings in the ears, with incisive pain, which extends to the base of the brain. Gnawing itching in the external ear, causing the part to be scratched till it bleeds. Sensation of stoppage of the ears indicates Argentum Metallicum. Nose Epistaxis, after blowing the nose, or preceded by itching and tickling in the nose. Stoppage of the nose, with itching in the nostrils indicates Argentum Metallicum. Argentum Metallicum relieves Violent fluent coryza, with frequent sneezing. Face Redness of the face. Gnawing, cramp-like, and pressive pains in the bones of the face. Swelling of the upper lip, immediately under the nose indicates Argentum Metallicum. Teeth Pain in the teeth, as if the gums had receded. Painful sensibility of the gums on being touched. Gums loosened, and readily bleeding indicates Argentum Metallicum. Mouth Dryness of the mouth. Sensation of dryness on the tongue, though it be moist. Vesicles on the tongue, with burning pain of excoriation. Throat Soreness in the throat, as if there were a tumour in the gullet, with difficulty of swallowing. Pricking and tingling in the throat. Accumulation of greyish and viscid mucus in the throat, with easy expectoration. Appetite Repugnance to all food, even to the thought of it, with prompt satiety. Gnawing hunger, which cannot be appeased by food. Stomach Hiccough on smoking tobacco. Constant nausea and uneasiness. Burning in the stomach, ascending to the chest indicates Argentum Metallicum. Abdomen Pressive and painful inflation of the abdomen. Tension in the abdominal muscles. Stool and Anus Frequent inclination to go to stool, with scanty evacuation of soft matter. Dry, sandy stool after dinner. Vomitings during the stool. Pain of contraction in the abdomen, after a stool in the morning. Urinary Organs Frequent inclination to make water, with abundant emission (diabetes). Male Sexual Organs Pain, as from a bruise, in the testes. Female Sexual Organs Prolapsus uteri, with pain in the left ovary indicates Argentum Metallicum. Respiratory Organs Pain of excoriation in the larynx, especially on coughing. Abundant accumulation of mucus in the chest. Cough excited by incisive pain in the trachea, with expectoration of serous matter. Chest Stitches in the (right) side of the chest, when inhaling and exhaling. Pressure and shooting in the sternum and in the sides of the chest. Cramp-like pain in the muscles of the chest and in the sides. Neck and Back Cramp-like pains in the shoulders and in the shoulder-blade. Pains, as of bruising or of drawing in the loins. Upper Limbs Tension and acute pullings, cramp-like and pressive pains in the arms and hands. Cramp-like pressive pains in the bones, and in the joints of the hands and fingers. Contraction of the fingers. Lower Limbs Cramp-like, acute, and incisive pains in the knees and in the ankle-bones. Cramp in the calves of the legs, with sensation of contraction of the muscles, on going downstairs. Pain, as of bruising and throbbing, in the joints of the feet. Cramp-like pain in the bones and in the joints of the feet and toes. Generalities Pressure, cramp-like, pulling, principally in the limbs and in the bones. Bruising pain, chiefly in the sacrum and the joints of the lower limbs. Boring pain in the joints. Sensation of soreness in the joints. Sensation of numbness and stiffness in the limbs, as if asleep. Aggravation of the symptoms every day, in the afternoon. Burning itching in different parts of the skin. Shuddering and cold, especially in the afternoon and at night. Nocturnal sweat.


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