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Description of SBL Coccus Cacti :-

Causes & Symptoms for Coccus Cacti The Coccus cacti patient comes on especially in the winter with catarrhal conditions of the air passages It is useful in the cough of drunkards. Complaints come on in cold weather gets sick from exposure to cold, yet worse in a warm room and better in the cold air indicates Coccus Cacti. Shortness of breath, Cough most constant in morning, with expectoration Spasmodic difficulties of chest, with renal pains. Mind and Head Apprehensive, Irritable, the head feels dull. Congestion of blood to the head, Dull headache above right eye in morning on waking indicates Coccus Cacti. Eyes, ear, nose Sensation as if the edges of the eyelids were swollen indicates Coccus Cacti. Discharge of thick yellow mucus from the nose, Dryness of the nose with inclination to sneeze. Sudden violent stitch in the left internal ear, itching in the left ear. Mouth and Throat Coccus Cacti is useful in retching and vomiting of long strings of tough, ropy mucus filling the mouth and throat and causing him to choke. Scraping and dryness in the throat, anything coming in contact with the pharynx, the inside of the mouth, or even the gums, produces gagging and retching and will bring on the cough. Swelling and redness of the right tonsil. Great sensitiveness of teeth to cold things. Sore throat with redness. Nightly, periodical attacks of cough from tickling in the larynx with expectoration of a large quantity of viscid, stringy mucus. Burning in the throat aggravated in the warmth, from warm drinks especially when warmed up in bed indicates Coccus Cacti. Stomach and abdomen Nausea and vomiting, faintness and vomiting of white, bitter tasting froth. Stitches in the pit of the stomach when inhaling. Sticking, drawing, thrusting pain in inguinal, vesical and pubic regions is an indication for Coccus Cacti. Fullness in the abdomen, as if he had eaten too much indicates Coccus Cacti. Stool and Anus Itching at the anus,extending into the urethra with hard, dry stool, Sticking pains in rectum is relieved with Coccus Cacti. Urinary complaints Stitches extending from the kidneys through the urethra into the bladder, Itching at the end of the urethra. The discharge of urine is slow, in small quantities, with violent burning pain is resolved with Coccus Cacti. Albumen in the urine. Nephritic colic, with very copious urine and dull pain in urethra. Burning in urethra when urinating and continuing after. Pain shooting from the kidney to the bladder and down the legs, Violent pruritus and itching at orifice of urethra. Renal colic, Constant urging to urinate indicates Coccus Cacti. Male complaints Great sexual excitement with frequent erections. Female complaints Great tenderness and irritation in extreme lower part of vagina, Uterine hemorrhage is a strong feature of this remedy Menses are Profuse, black, thick, dark clots, flow only when lying down indicates Coccus Cacti. Pain in vulva so severe on going to bed that she is obliged to sit up and go to sleep in that position. Neck and Back Region of kidneys painful to pressure. Bruised pain in sacro-lumbar region and in groins. Stitches between shoulders is relieved with Coccus Cacti. Extremities Hot swelling of the knees with sensation of weakness or prostration in limbs. Burning, tearing, pressive pain in extremities with drawing down the thighs and calves, burning pain in soles of feet indicates Coccus Cacti. Generalities Coccus Cacti is for Sensitive to the pressure of the clothing. First barking, dry cough. Aggravations generally come on in the after part of the night or in the morning when the child awakens. Catarrhal conditions of mucus membranes is an indication of Coccus Cacti. Violent sneezing with hawking of mucus.


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