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Dr. Reckeweg Iodium 3x

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Description of Dr. Reckeweg Iodium 3x :-

Causes & Symptoms for Dr. Reckeweg Iodium Emaciation of single parts, Eats ravenously, yet emaciates, is a keynote of Iodium Absence of appetite is also among the effects of Iodium. cough with blood-streaked expectoration; tickling all over chest; weakness and emaciation Aggravation by warmth is a leading modality seen in Iodium. Nervousness, restlessness, twitching with General weakness and loss of appetite and pain in temples, with unusual hunger, with amelioration after a meal with great weakness of digestion. Mind and head Iodium is useful in excitable and restless, moving about from place to place with sudden impulses, Nervous shock. Disappointed love that causes many mental complaints. Persistent headaches with vertigo in old people is relieved with Fear of people, shuns every one. Vertigo; worse from stooping, worse in warm room. Eyes, ear, nose Pain in eyes, Watery white swelling of the eyelids. Inflammation of the eyes, sometimes after taking cold. It is indicates in Buzzing in the ears, Hardness of hearing. Sneezing, Nose stopped up. Tendency to ulceration, loss of smell, dry coryza, becoming fluent in the open air Violent coryza with lachrymation and frontal headache, discharge hot, nose sore, indicates Iodium. Mouth and Throat Frequent and sudden redness of the face, with sensation of burning in the ears. Inflammatory swelling and bleeding of the gums, with swelling of the cheek, foul ulcers is relieved with Iodium. Softening of the gums with pain and swelling of the glands of the interior of the mouth. Ulcers in throat, with swelling of glands of neck is relieved with Iodium. Swollen submaxillary glands, Uvula swollen, is relieved with Iodium. Stomach and Abdomen Violent vomiting with vomiting of bilious matter or of yellowish mucus. Inflammation in the stomach, heartburn after heavy food. Cramp-like, gnawing, or burning pains in the stomach is relieved with Iodium. Hard, painful swelling of the spleen is relieved with Iodium. Swelling and inflammation of the mesenteric glands, Hard swelling of the inguinal glands. Cutting pain in abdomen is resolved with Iodium. Stool and Anus Loose, soft evacuations, sometimes whitish, alternately with constipation. In the evening, sensation of itching and burning in the anus. Piles protrude and burn indicates Iodium. Constipation, with ineffectual urging, Constipation alternating with diarrhoea. Urinary complaints Involuntary emission of urine at night is relieved with Iodium. Incontinence in old people with prostatic enlargement, Copious and frequent flow of urine. Male complaints Testicles swollen and indurated. Hydrocele. Loss of sexual power, with atrophied testes. Offensive sweat of genitals, Violent and constant erections is relieved with Iodium. Hardness of the prostate gland. Hot, dry, yellow and withered. Glands enlarged indicates Iodium. Female complaints Inflammation of right ovary with an itching eruption on head and hands. Acute pain and soreness in breasts with metritis, Nodosities in skin of mammae is relieved with Iodium. Atrophy of ovaries and breasts, with sterility. Pain in lower abdomen, worse in left ovarian region, better by motion and by eating. Extremities Swollen and deformed joints after an attack of acute rheumatism is resolved with Iodium. Joints inflamed and painful. Pain in bones at night with constrictive sensations. Numbness of the fingers. Inflammatory swelling of the knee, with tearing pains and suppuration. Trembling of the limbs. Generalities It is indicated by indurations or atrophy of testes, ovaries, and uterus. Individual is exceedingly thin, dark complexioned, with enlarged lymphatic glands, has voracious appetite but gets thin. Acute catarrh of all mucous membranes, rapid emaciation, Acute affections of the respiratory organs. Dry, morning cough, from tickling in larynx. Tincture internally and locally to swollen glands. Ideal agent to keep wounds clean and disinfected. Bites of insects, reptiles


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