Kajal and Kohl - Benefit & Uses, Method Of Application

by Lea Bastian on Dec 05, 2021

Kajal and Kohl - Benefit & Uses, Method Of Application

 What is Kajal /Kohl ? 

Kajal is also known as Kohl or Kajol is an Ancient eye care Cosmetics widely used by Middle East , South Asia, South African Peoples.It is mostly worn by Women but also by Some men and Children.

The Kajal is Traditionally made by both Stibnite (sb2s3) and by Charcoal Burnt obtained from burning Organic materials. which was a Black, Sooty Mixture with creamy and smooth consistency. 

History of Kajal as a Cosmetics Product

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, kajal was originally worn as a form of protection for the eye. The belief was that darkening around the lids could shield them from the harsh rays of the sun, while protecting the person wearing it from ‘nazar’, or the evil eye. This superstition still remains today, and explains why many families apply kohl to their toddler's eyes and on their forehead.


Major Key Ingredients in Kajal :
Castor Oil, Almond Oil ,Coconut Oil,Charcoal,
Some Essential Oils,Herbs Extracts (Used in Organic Herbal Kajal).


Benefits of Applying Kajal/Kohl:


  • Rich in Vitamin E-Pure castor oil present in Organic Kajal is the richest form of vitamin E.It helps heal the eyes,makes your eye lashes thick and blacker and known to relieve stress.
  • Camphor in Some Kajal helps us by  providing coolness and gives stress relief.It helps subside minor eruptions in the eyes.
  • Essential Oils Present in Kajal nourishes the eye ,Improves the Vison and lend a sparkle to the eyes.
  • Clear Sight of Vision, lightness, no excessive lacrimation, proper functioning, purity of eyes are features of proper action of Kajal.
Uses of Putting Kajal Daily:
  • Kajal protects the eyes from sharp Sun rays.
  • Applying kajal helps to remove dirt and dust , and relieves watering and burning of eyes due to strain.
  • Regular use of kajal also helps to avoid cataract in some extent.
Method of Applying Kajal Properly:

Although there are many ways to do this,
we've put together a simple DIY step by step process to help you to achieve stunning Eyes Barely within Five Minutes. 

  1. Glide the Kajal On,

Start by applying the kajal to your lower waterline to make it more prominet.Start at the outer corners in order to impart a darker color. If you have smaller eyes,do not apply the kajal to your inner corners

        2.Layer it up,


The Secret to long- lasting makeup is Layering .Using a sharp kajal pencil,start lining your eyes from the outer corner and work your way through the inner corner.By this way you will ensure not to get excess product deposited in the inner corners.


       3.Intensify the Upper Eyelids, 


Work on your upper eyelids by defining it with your Kajal as per your Preferance. You can start by closing your eye and drawing a soft line from the outer corner to the inner corner. Use short strokes for better application and gradually make it thicker according to your wish. This will give you a bold Intense look.

         4.It's all Set!!   

Don’t forget your eyebrows in the process. Lightly fill them in using the right shade of brow pomade/powder to give your face a more sculpted look. The Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper is something even beginners can work with, and the results are so on point.

Our Top Selling Brands in Kajal :
  1. Lakme
  2. L'Oreal
  3. Maybelline
  4. The Body Shop
  5. Mama earth (Certified Organic Kajal)
  6. Blue Heaven
  7. Forest Essentials (Organic)
  8. Lotus Herbals (Organic)
FAQ's about Kajal:

Q. Is Kajal is Safe for Our Eyes ?

A.Yes, kajal is very much safe for your eyes. In fact, women in ancient Egypt considered it to be good for the eyes as well! However, you must see to it that it is removed at the end of the day, since your skin needs to breathe as well. Use a gentle makeup remover to remove all makeup, including kajal, before you sleep.

QWhat is the difference between kohl and kajal?

A. Kohl comprises mixed powder and waxes, whereas kajal is made from soot. Kohl glides on more smoothly when compared to kajal, but tends to smudge faster. Kajal lasts longer but it can be difficult to apply and it doesn’t look as intense as kohl.

Q.How do I prevent my kajal from smudging?

A. Firstly, use a smudge-proof kajal. It starts from choosing the product itself. Usually, this alone isn’t enough for most people. Additionally, find a pigmented black eyeshadow. Just as foundation needs to be set with a powder, kajal needs to be set as well. 

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