Baidyanath Chaturbhuj Ras Gold | Buy Indian Products from Where you are

by Texin Kart on Nov 26, 2021

Baidyanath Chaturbhuj Ras Gold | Buy Indian Products from Where you are

Baidyanath Chaturbhuj Ras Gold

Benefits, Usage and Ingredients of Baidyanath Chaturbhuj Ras Gold

It is an Ayurvedic medicine that is formulated with herbo-mineral rasas. It is an excellent medicine which aids in the treatment of chronic fever, epilepsy, and psychotic disorders.

Key Ingredients:
Shuddha parad Bhasma (Purified and processed mercury)

Swarna Bhasma (Gold extracts)

Shilajatu (Asphaltum)

Kasturi (Deer musk)

Aloe Vera

Purified and processed Orpiment (Arsenic Tri Oxide)

Eranda (Ricinus Communis Linn)

Key Benefits:
Used in the treatment of Chronic fever

Effective in the treatment of Psychotic disorders

Helps in curing Paralysis & Parkinson’s diseases

Helps in the treatment of Tuberculosis, Epilepsy, Bronchitis, Heart weakness, fainting & hysteria

Directions For Use
Take 1 tablet, twice a day in morning and evening with honey & Dosage should be directed by the physician.

Safety Information:
Read the label carefully before using the medicine

This medicine must be avoided by patients with increased heart rate and increased blood flow to the brain

People with Pitta Prakriti should avoid the medicine as the medicine is in hot potency

Do not exceed the recommended dose

Keep out of the reach of children

Avoid the medicine during pregnancy or lactation

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